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[texts]80-Grafix - Programma International
80-Grafix from Programma International. Digitized by anonymous.
Keywords: board; programma; graphics; qty; shipping; expiration; visa; character; horizontal; screen; lower case; residents add; radio shack; master charge
Downloads: 52
[texts]80-Grafix (19xx)(Programma International)
80-Grafix (19xx)(Programma International)
Keywords: board; programma; graphics; qty; shipping; expiration; visa; character; horizontal; screen; lower case; residents add; radio shack; master charge
Downloads: 22
[texts]CoCoPro Catalog - Issue 12 (1992)(CoCoPress)
CoCoPro Catalog - Issue 12 (1992)(CoCoPress)
Keywords: utils; est; coco; requires; deli; dnm; tor; rsdos; pixel; blaster; art deli; tech support; pixel blaster; residents add
Downloads: 20
[texts]inCider 83-11
inCider 83-11
Keywords: apple; print; program; software; disk; graphics; computer; feider; feider november; print print; disk drive; apple computer; residents add; toll free
Downloads: 156
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 08

Keywords: program; data; commodore; software; screen; printer; programs; disk; data data; disk drive; machine language; check reader; mci mail; residents add
Downloads: 390
[texts]Microcomputing Magazine (December 1982)

Keywords: disk; data; software; apple; program; computer; print; ram; disk drive; power supply; toll free; residents add; disk drives; cash flow
Downloads: 506
[texts]UpTime - Volume 2 Issue 10 (1994-06)(JWT Enterprises)(US)
UpTime - Volume 2 Issue 10 (1994-06)(JWT Enterprises)(US)
Keywords: program; coco; disk; decb; jwt; screen; msdos; hscreen; qbasic; lockwood; hard disk; system administrator; native mode; residents add; money order
Downloads: 23
[texts]generalmanual 000010885
generalmanual 000010885
Keywords: cobra; antenna; soundtracker; transceiver; noise; signal; mounting; bracket; transmission; squelch; soundtracker system; residents add; mounting bracket; citizens band; background noise; cobra electronics; order form; microphone bracket; external speaker
Downloads: 4
[texts]Antic Magazine Insert Issue 4-08 (1985-12)

Keywords: antic; postage; atari; newsstand; credit; addressee; mailed; accompany; enclosed; credit card; resource antic; reply mail; class permit; check enclosed; business reply; subscriptions add; special money; residents add
Downloads: 58
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 23 (1985-11)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 23 (1985-11)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: commodore; program; disk; data; poke; software; screen; print; color; machine language; disk drive; money order; word processor; residents add; bug repellent; rem lda; interrupt routine; file scout
Downloads: 36
[texts]Antic Magazine Insert Issue 7-11 (1989-03)

Keywords: postage; add; disk; foreign; addressee; mastercard; unbeatable; mailed; issues; atari; foreign add; unbeatable deal; residents add; reply mail; credit card; class permit; check enclosed; business reply
Downloads: 115
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 08 (Sound and Music)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 8 - November 1983 - Sound & Music * In The Public Domain Air Raid 2000 by Erik Wolpaw * Antic Pix Gifts Genesis II, Mosaic 64K Ram select, Koalapad, Soundtrap Stretch, Balans Chair, Cs 1632 Cabinet, Taxan Monitors, Macinker, Spider Pac, Black Max, Volksmodem * Survey of APX Sound Products by David Duberman * Dragonsmoke Casting Characteristics by Bob Albrecht, George Firedrake * I/O Board * Here's Looking At You, S.A.M.! Software voice without screen blanking by Jerry W...
Keywords: atari; program; data; poke; sound; computer; software; disk; atari resource; goto; atari basic; disk drive; money order; data data; atari computer; residents add; machine language
Downloads: 141
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (December 1980) Volume 06 Number 12

Keywords: program; computer; software; disk; basic; print; programs; apple; print print; creative computing; radio shack; assembly language; machine language; personal computer; north star; residents add
Downloads: 873
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (July 1979)

Keywords: program; computer; data; software; disk; programs; memory; ram; cassette; kit; power supply; north star; residents add; operating system; static ram; machine language; ohio scientific; radio shack; small business
Downloads: 329
[texts]inCider Magazine (May 1984)
inCider 1984-05
Keywords: apple; print; disk; software; program; hplot; computer; feider; print print; disk drive; residents add; disk drives; dealer inquiries; toll free; wayne green
Downloads: 134
[texts]Color Computer Magazine (September 1983)

Keywords: color; computer; program; disk; basic; data; programs; software; print; color computer; radio shack; extended basic; machine language; card color; residents add; disk drive; color basic
Downloads: 408
[texts]80 Microcomputing - Issue 01 (1980-01)(1001001)(US)
80 Microcomputing - Issue 01 (1980-01)(1001001)(US)
Keywords: program; data; disk; software; cassette; computer; programs; basic; print; shack; radio shack; machine language; disk drive; basic program; residents add; data base; power supply; general ledger; cassette recorder
Downloads: 214
[texts]Color Computer Magazine (April 1983)

Keywords: color; program; disk; computer; print; screen; basic; programs; display; msb; color computer; machine language; msb lsb; radio shack; residents add; lsb msb; card color; extended basic
Downloads: 398
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 03 Number 07 - How To Get Your Tarbell Going
A rescan for this item is available here. Foreground p.12 KIMER: A KIM-1 TIMER [theme Software] [author Baker] p.28 THE AXIOM EX800 PRINTER: A User's Report [theme Product Description] [author Bosen] p.60 THE Z-80 IN PARALLEL [theme Hardware] [author Loewer] p.72 CONTROLLING DC MOTORS [theme Hardware] [author Walton] p.98 BUILD A KEYBOARD FUNCTION DECODER [theme Hardware] [author Ciarcia] p.152 A HIGH LEVEL LANGUAGE FOR 8 BIT MACHINES [theme Software] [author Williams-Conley] p.162 HOW TO GET YO...
Keywords: computer; byte; memory; data; program; software; kit; digital; north star; dynamic memory; wire wrap; personal computing; personal computer; floppy disk; power supply; byte shop; byte publications; residents add
Downloads: 1,284
[texts]inCider 86-07
inCider 86-07
Keywords: apple; print; software; disk; appleworks; program; computer; data; incider; apple computer; residents add; applied engineering; bank street; print shop; money order; hard disk
Downloads: 92
[texts]Kilobaud Magazine (December 1978)

Keywords: program; computer; data; cassette; software; ram; interface; memory; programs; input; power supply; residents add; static ram; north star; machine language; radio shack; small business; instant software; floppy disk
Downloads: 513
[texts]PROFILES - Volume 2 Number 5 (1984-12)(Kaypro Corp)(US)
PROFILES - Volume 2 Number 5 (1984-12)(Kaypro Corp)(US)
Keywords: kaypro; software; computer; disk; program; wordstar; modem; perfect; programs; profiles; kaypro disk; perfect writer; dealer inquiries; operating system; perfect software; computer products; word processing; residents add; kaypro models
Downloads: 45
[texts]Ahoy! Magazine Issue 22

Keywords: disk; program; commodore; print; color; data; lda; software; programs; disk drive; money order; word processor; machine language; sprite shape; master card; jsr chrout; residents add; dot matrix
Downloads: 441
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (April 1979)

Keywords: program; computer; software; disk; data; board; kit; programs; memory; pin; power supply; floppy disk; radio shack; residents add; super elf; static ram; small business; north star; master charge
Downloads: 734
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 25 (1986-01)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 25 (1986-01)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: program; commodore; disk; data; software; poke; computer; print; programs; disk drive; machine language; radio shack; bug repellent; word processor; streamer font; residents add; money order; main loop
Downloads: 170
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (July 1979)

Keywords: program; computer; data; software; disk; programs; memory; ram; cassette; kit; power supply; north star; residents add; operating system; static ram; machine language; ohio scientific; radio shack; small business
Downloads: 557
[texts]inCider 85-11
inCider 85-11
Keywords: apple; software; print; program; disk; gosub; computer; graphics; apple lie; disk drive; applied engineering; bank street; residents add; hard disk; money order
Downloads: 143
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 12 (The International Atari)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 12 - March 1984 - The International Atari * Forth Factory 6502 Disassembler by John Mattes * Atari Around the World A Worldwide Community of Interest * Inside Atari Atari International by Robert DeWitt * Starting Line Atari's Cinderella by Fred Pinho * Atari's Olympic Team U.S. Women Go For The Gold Medal by David Barry * Game Of The Month Centurion by Jeff Greenway * Dear Antic Letters From Around the World * Diskread Check Those Mysterious Disk Sectors by Martin Rex *...
Keywords: atari; disk; computer; goto; poke; antic; software; program; color; graphics; residents add; character set; atari resource; atari computer; disk drive; actrl actrl; money order; atari computers; operating system
Downloads: 204
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (October 1980)

Keywords: program; data; computer; disk; software; programs; memory; equ; ram; basic; power supply; radio shack; north star; residents add; baud rate; double density; data base; progremme intl; floppy disk
Downloads: 1,462 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]PC Computing Magazine (December 1988)
PC Computing Magazine (December 1988)
Keywords: software; computer; ibm; disk; dos; graphics; programs; center; computer center; hard disk; word processing; residents add; operating system; power supply; personal computer
Downloads: 227
[texts]Color Computer Magazine (September 1984)

Keywords: color; program; disk; computer; programs; software; basic; coco; screen; graphics; color computer; radio shack; disk drives; residents add; marking period; machine code; drives disk; computer magazine
Downloads: 771
[texts]inCider 85-12
inCider 85-12
Keywords: apple; software; disk; program; computer; appleworks; color; print; incider; applied engineering; apple lie; disk drive; money order; bank street; apple computer; residents add; word processor
Downloads: 258
[texts]73 Magazine (March 1982)
73 Magazine March 1982 (#258) The Porta-Peater The Instant Communicator - quick and easy does it ...... WA2BHB, AC2A, WA2UNN 12 Amateur Television's Stripper - a home-brew star ...... VE3CYC 20 Polishing Kenwood's R-1000 - a gem in the rough ...... K9EUI 34 Peaking and Tweaking Surplus CB Boards - the untold story ...... WB0NPN/8 38 OSCAR Pathfinder - a colorful way to track the satellites ...... WB6NQK 46 Which TVRO Antenna Is Best? - Satellite Central, Part IV ........
Keywords: antenna; amateur; mhz; frequency; radio; power; audio; khz; receiver; amateur radio; power supply; toll free; power output; residents add; hewlett packard; front panel; call toll; frequency range
Downloads: 3,430
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (July 1983) Volume 09 Number 07

Keywords: computer; apple; software; program; data; creative; disk; print; creative computing; color; machine language; double density; word processing; personal computer; residents add; disk drive
Downloads: 951
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 37 (Telecommunications Holiday)

Keywords: atari; data; disk; lda; money order; analog; program; sta; software; computing; computer; analog computing; computing december; disk drive; lda sta; break key; sta lda; residents add
Downloads: 727
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (June 1981) Volume 07 Number 06

Keywords: apple; program; software; atari; disk; graphics; print; computer; creative computing; erm; disk drive; machine language; radio shack; residents add; lower case; apple computer; word processing
Downloads: 544
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (September 1980)

Keywords: program; computer; disk; data; software; memory; ram; programs; basic; kit; power supply; north star; floppy disk; radio shack; machine language; equ equ; residents add; disk drive; assembly language
Downloads: 769
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 030
Compute! Issue 30 - November 1982. What To Buy Your Computer For Christmas - A Buyer's Guide To Modems - Laser Gunner: BASIC Animation - UXB - An Atari For Christmas Part 1 - VIC Harmony - Rainbow Clock - Statistician - How To Use SYS And USR Part 1 - Review VisiCalc Home And Office Companion - Review Speech Synthesizers For Atari And Apple - Review VIC-20 Cartridge Games (VIC Firmware) - Review Petspeed, An Optimizing Compiler For PET-CBM - The Editor's Notes - Ask The Readers Interfacing An Ap...
Keywords: atari; program; software; data; disk; computer; basic; apple; machine language; disk drive; vic micromon; toll free; voice box; residents add; money order; dealer inquiries; word processing
Downloads: 1,354
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine July 1980

Keywords: program; data; disk; software; computer; basic; programs; printer; print; goto; radio shack; machine language; residents add; assembly language; expansion interface; disk drive; program listing; disk drives; basic program
Downloads: 1,700
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 03 Number 11 - The Sky is the Limit
Foregroud p.16 AN EXCHANGE EVALUATOR FOR COMPUTER CHESS [theme Software Chess] [author the Spracklens] p.48 THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: Ham Radio for Intercomputer Communication [theme Personal Computing Networks-] [author Kasser] p.76 I'VF GOT YOU IN MY SCANNER! [theme Applications] [author Ciarcia] p.100 DEFINING A LANGUAGE: PL/B [theme Languages Forum] [author Wilson] p.112 A CLASSROOM DEMONSTRATION [theme Control Systems] [author Hill] p.120 A MULTIUSER DATA NETWORK: Communicating Over VHF Radio [t...
Keywords: computer; byte; program; software; memory; board; disk; november; byte publications; byte november; floppy disk; power supply; north star; bit board; machine language; bit boaro; residents add; personal computer
Downloads: 456
[texts]Commander - Volume 2 Issue 03 (1984-03)(Microsystems Specialties)(US)
Commander - Volume 2 Issue 03 (1984-03)(Microsystems Specialties)(US)
Keywords: commodore; disk; software; program; computer; programs; printer; data; disk drive; word processor; machine language; master wedge; commodore business; money order; dealer inquiries; assembly language; residents add; calc result
Downloads: 280
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (July 1980)

Keywords: disk; data; program; computer; basic; ram; software; memory; board; print; front panel; operating system; power supply; radio shack; north star; master charge; floppy disk; residents add; disk drive
Downloads: 460
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 09 (Buyers Guide)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 9 - December 1983 - 101 Products For Your Atari Computer * Anatomy Of A Robot How To Create Controlled Motion With Your Atari by Evan Rosen * Antic Pix Controllers by David Duberman * Automate Your Player/Missiles Smooth Move If You Can Make It by Fred Pinho * Autorun.Sys Build Your Own In Basic by Chuck Hosick * Buyer's Guide Hardware, Software And Accessories, Rana 1000, Gt Disk Drive, Astra 1620, Trak At-d1, Percom Data * Inside Atari Catch On To Computers by Christo...
Keywords: atari; data; program; poke; graphics; software; color; disk; disk drive; goto; residents add; double density; atari resource; mmg basic; machine language; dealer inquiries; data data; character set
Downloads: 642
[texts]Creative Computing Magazine (September 1982) Volume 08 Number 09

Keywords: apple; software; disk; computer; program; atari; creative; erm; computing; creative computing; personal computer; disk drive; ibm personal; check register; heathkit electronic; residents add; toll free
Downloads: 1,626 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 31 (1986-07)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 31 (1986-07)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: program; data; commodore; disk; print; color; software; ram; poke; disk drive; print shop; bug repellent; operating system; money order; assembly language; high resolution; residents add; machine language
Downloads: 298
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 06 Number 02 - The Computer and Voice Synthesis
Features p.36 An Extremely Low-Cost Computer Voice Response System [author James C Anderson] Infinite clipping produces acceptable computer speech. p.44 A Computer-Controlled Tank [author Steve Ciarcia] A wireless remote-control link to a personal computer enhances Milton-Bradley's Big Trak. p.68 A Beginner's Guide to Spectral Analysis, Part 1 [author Mark Zimmermann] A nonmathematical treatment of Fourier transforms...
Keywords: disk; computer; data; software; byte; program; apple; system; byte publications; power supply; byte february; disk drive; operating system; radio shack; inquiry card; floppy disk; residents add; north star
Downloads: 796
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 6 Number 02 (Animation)
Antic Magazine Vol. 6 No. 2 - June 1987 - Jump Into Animation * Aegis Animator ST and Art Pak ST Design Your Own Computerized Cartoons by Matt Loveless * Alice - The Personal Pascal The First Interpreted ST Pascal by David Plotkin * Starting Out Atari Animation Lesson 1: Character Graphics by Robin Alan Sherer * Basic Bonanza Powerhouse Languages For The 8-Bit Atari by Charles Cherry * Game of the Month Citadel Catch Pneumonium Bombs And Save The World by Heath Lawrence * Users Group Of The Mont...
Keywords: atari; disk; basic; antic; data; ctrl; software; program; disk drive; graphics; word processor; atari resource; flight simulator; gfa basic; atari basic; residents add; print shop
Downloads: 1,139
[texts]Byte Magazine Volume 07 Number 02 - Winter Computing
A rescan for this item is available here. Features p.38 Build a Computerized Weather Station [author Steve Ciarcia] An ambitious variation on a simple project to collect data on prevailing winds. p.72 A Homebrew Graphics Digitizer [author Neal Atkins and Enrique Castro-Cid] Two potentiometers and an elegant mechanical device make an inexpensive digitizer. p.91 The Atari Tutorial, Part 6: Atari BASIC [author Lane Winner] A better understanding of Atari BASIC will have you writing more powerful pr...
Keywords: disk; computer; software; data; byte; program; apple; system; byte publications; disk drive; hard disk; operating system; floppy disk; disk drives; titles titles; personal computer; power supply; residents add
Downloads: 983
[texts]Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine (February 1980)

Keywords: program; computer; disk; software; data; microcomputing; print; byte; eprom; programs; microcomputing february; power supply; radio shack; residents add; north star; floating point; machine language; video display; master charge
Downloads: 644
[texts]80 Microcomputing - Issue 28 (1982-04)(1001001)(US)
80 Microcomputing - Issue 28 (1982-04)(1001001)(US)
Keywords: program; disk; model; data; iii; computer; basic; programs; software; printer; model iii; radio shack; machine language; color computer; disk drive; disk drives; double density; program listing; residents add
Downloads: 670
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